Waste Management Compliance

Waste Management: as a business you are probably already well aware of the requirements relevant to responsibly manage waste – or are you? This topic is vast and intricate and cannot take on a one-size-fits-all approach. Different industries, different wastes and different waste management facilities are required to be carefully considered in ensuring a) legal compliance, b) environmental sustainability and c) business cost saving.

Pertinent changes have been implemented by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) in an effort to improve how businesses and companies manage their waste.

General Waste Management:

The DEA published the National Norms and Standards for Shredding, Grinding, Crushing, Screening or Bailing of General Waste (GN 1093 of 2017) on 11 October 2017. The regulation lay down the following requirements:

  • Waste facilities of over 1 000 sqm are required to register with the competent authorities and are also subject to mandatory monitoring, auditing and reporting.
  • Waste facilities of less than 1 000 sqm will be required to register with the prescribed environmental duties of care.
  • New facilities must register within 90 days before any construction takes place.

Effectively, any facility that sort, shred, grind, crush, screen, chip or bale general waste are included in this regulation and are required to comply. It is the responsibility of the organisation to determine if, and to what extent the regulation applies to their facilities.

 As environmental consultants, EP3 look to assist companies with the registration requirements to ensure compliance and steer clear of legal liability. Shopping centres, office buildings, hospitals, manufacturing facilities etc. could also benefit from improved operational efficiency if waste streams are properly identified and managed. EP3 can assist with the registration process and undertake the required auditing while implementing site specific Waste Management Plans and procedures to ensure operational efficiency and cost savings.

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