EP3 has highly qualified professional resources that enable us to conduct a wide range of Environmental and Sustainability  services to the benefit of our clients. The application of professional knowledge and extensive experience in the Environmental and Sustainability sector together with meticulous attention to detail allow us to lead organisations to achieve their desired goals and objectives.

EP3 has been involved in a wide variety of construction and other projects and has performed work in various sectors including but not limited to the following: Mining (Iron ore, Coal, Gold, Platinum), Transportation (Roads and Depots), Power Supply (Power stations & Power lines), Renewable Energy (Concentrated Solar Technology & Photovoltaic), Office Parks and Mixed Use Developments, Infrastructure projects (Bridges, Stormwater and Sewerage Networks, Waste Water Treatment Works, Water Pipelines), Acid Mine Drainage (Treatment facilities), Manufacturing (Foods & Materials), and Tourism (Lodges and dams).